Friday, August 9, 2013

Love It: Custom Pet Shop Portrait of Bean!

A few days ago my mailbox was filled with one of the best packages that I have ever received IN MY WHOLE LIFE!  The package was a small square box with the word 'yay' stamped on the side.  This was enough to get me to jump up in the air and literally shout "YAY!"  From stalking other dog bloggers, I knew exactly what was inside my exciting box as soon as I saw it.

Photo via Yellow Brick Home
Ohhhh, yes!  Inside my itty bitty package was an itty bitty custom portrait of the one and only itty bitty Bean!  I ordered my custom portrait back when Emily at Our Waldo Bungie shared her portraits of Turk and Rufus (and so kindly offered a 10% off discount to The Pet Shop).  At that time I had been majorly lusting over my very own custom portrait of Athena, but I knew that I wanted to order it specifically for a special occasion.  The time was right, and I planned Athena's portrait to arrive around her one-year gotcha day.

If any of you have been on the fence about ordering one of Kim's custom pet portraits from The Pet Shop, I urge you to click this link right here and get your custom order placed!  Seriously, I am ECSTATIC about how perfect Athena's portrait turned out.  Every time I look at it I have to pinch myself because it's just so beautiful.  When I ordered the portrait I knew that Kim would work her magic and produce an amazing product, but I had no idea that it would be SO absolutely perfect.

Not only did Kim capture Athena's personality, but she also showcased her brindle fur and made it look soft enough to touch.  Every time I look at the portrait I am stunned at how well Kim painted Athena's pouty bottom lip, her little white feet, her signature collar and flower, as well as her floppy pittie ears.  The attention to detail is amazing.

An added bonus to our order was that Kim and Scott brought Athena's portrait along with them to an event right before shipping it off to us.  Athena was on display for all to see what amazing work these two do!

Photo via Yellow Brick Home
So if my ranting and raving still hasn't persuaded you to order your very own custom pet portrait, then you might want to check out some other custom portraits that have been commissioned by other bloggers so that you can see more of Kim's amazing work:

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Love and a Six-Foot Leash: Chick, Bug, & the Fosters

Is it just me, or is Athena's custom portrait the spitting image of her?


  1. EEK! It looks fantastic! And I love that little dog decor corner!! We're planning on what we'll be doing with ours, too. We ordered ours around the same time...I can't wait. SO super excited!


  2. Love love love! Thean looks PERFECT! So glad you love your portrait! Kim is the BEST!

  3. I absolutely love it, Athena looks awesome! Kim did an awesome job for you!

  4. Athena's portrait is so beautiful! Kim did a really great job!

  5. The painting is as beautiful as Athena!

  6. The painting is as beautiful as Athena!

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